It Ain’t Over! Three Little Words That Lead to Personal and Professional Fulfillment




In It Ain’t Over!, Author Joyce E. Brooks inspires all audiences to pursue personal and professional fulfillment under any circumstances with passion and vigor. Little did Joyce know that this publication would actually become an inspiration for her following the most difficult challenge she’d ever faced. On May 28, 2014, after the book draft had already been sent to her editor, the unthinkable happened. Joyce’s husband and soul mate of 14 years went to work but didn’t come home – and her reality, in fact, her entire family dynamic, changed instantly. It Ain’t Over! lays out the premise that there is always an opportunity to make a comeback from a setback and that you can find an opportunity in every situation no matter how bleak it appears on the surface. The Author hopes you will find encouragement, comfort and inspiration between these pages and that her experiences will help you realize: It Ain’t Over!