About Joyce E. Brooks

Joyce was born and raised in Prichard, Alabama. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical engineering from the University of South Alabama and a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  

Joyce has had to battle breast cancer twice. But through the Grace of God, she survived and continues to thrive.  Experiencing cancer and unexpectedly losing her husband of 14 years gave Joyce both the courage and opportunity to pursue paths that previously seemed impossible.  After a 21 year career with Alabama Power Company, she stepped out on faith, retired and started Brooks Consulting, LLC.  The company’s mission is to assist businesses and organizations gain a competitive advantage by focusing on leadership development, organizational strategy, and individual well being.

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Give It To Me Now!

PRE-ORDER TODAY. Shipped: Sept 1, 2021.

“Give It To Me Now! is the second book in the series to teach children life lessons. This book encourages children to care, share and open their hearts to others.  Even when “others” may not look like you. “.

Shift Happens

In this latest book, SHIfT HAPPENS, Brooks invites the reader to follow her journey from celebrating 10 years being cancer free to days later being diagnosed with breast cancer – again.

It Ain't Over!

There is always an opportunity to make a comeback from a setback and you can find an opportunity in every situation no matter how bleak it appears on the surface.

Self-Inflicted Overload

Not having work-life balance is a major stumbling block to achieving one’s desires (i.e. the perfect day, quality relationships, a happy family, healthy living, peace, and the list goes on and on).