Whether we realize it or not, we are in a constant state of transformation.  Every day we are becoming (transforming) into someone or something.  The act or process of changing is transformation.  Transforming what?    A change in appearance, character, status, intellect, mindset, relationships are a few examples of transformations.

Transformation can be good or bad depending on the person or situation.   To a happily married couple, being single would be sad.  However,  a person who has an abusive spouse, may wish to transform the marriage to a divorce. And if that is the case, the process from marriage to divorce takes time.

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight.  It is a process. Transformation requires a decision, a desire and a commitment.  Be warned, failing to make a decision, is also a decision.  Unfortunately, it may not be what is best.  Classic example: Doctor advises patient to stop drinking alcohol.  Patient decides not to listen to the doctor.  What happens? Liver disease, arrested for driving while intoxicated, lifespan has been cut short or worse.  Patient has a car wreck while driving under the influence and some innocent person’s life was taken. All because the patient decided to stay the same.

The transformation of a child is a process.  From being an infant, toddler, tween, teen, young adult, and finally and hopefully a mature adult takes years/decades.  As I consider my  two sons,  I think of how their mobility has transformed over time.

I often remind them that they should be very appreciative of me since I provided them “First Class” transportation into this world.  Nine months is a long time to have a little passenger inside you. From my womb, to my hands, to crawling, walking, running, biking, go-carting, and now driving, they have been transforming.  Throughout this process, their abilities, judgement and mindset have also transformed.

Realizing this world tends to have “uncalled for” issues with black people, especially black males, requires a need to deal with facts. In the US, black people are more likely to be pulled over for “traffic violations”. Depending on the interaction, the situation can transform  quickly.  Therefore, my sons must be very aware and respond accordingly to ensure safe return.  Right or wrong, until the policies, training, and accountability are transformed, this is our reality.  The transformation of the system NEEDS to be in progress.

Transforming can be stressful.   I feel as if my life has been filled with transformations: college, career, marriage, children, promotions,  cancer, widow, single parent, author, cancer again. However, to live a  stress free, healthy, blessed and impactful life remains my focus and daily goal.   Transforming my health  is necessary if I am going to achieve my goal.  Over the years, yes, I said years, I have made some good progress:  198 pounds  to 175 pounds, walking to running, eating sweets every day to twice a week.

The most important transformation has taken place in my mind. Walking in my purpose, on purpose, has opened my mind and my heart to a freedom that previously seemed impossible.

It is my hope that my journey can serve as a testimony to God’s grace and encourage others to embrace that we are just  “Transformations In Progress!”

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Joyce E.                                                                                                                                                                                        #itaintover