Did you hear what happen to ..?  Did you see the news …?  Can you believe this happened in our neighborhood? What is this world coming to? These questions and more are becoming more common than not.  A day doesn’t pass that something tragic has occurred somewhere.  Robberies, murders, kidnappings, shootings, drugs, human trafficking, rape, molestation, neglect, and the list goes on and on.  

It may seem like we are living in the last days or the end times;  maybe or maybe not.  What I do know, we have today.  It would be shameful and even sad to surrender to a climate of hopelessness and say there is nothing I can do about it.  That would be too easy.   There was a time the community would pull together when something or someone threatened the community’s safety and security.  No one frowned upon the neighbor who looked out for your children and your property in your absence.  No one became angry because you corrected someone else’s child for misbehaving.  We should be our brother and sister’s keeper.  

Growing up, I would assist the neighbor down the street.  She was blind and unable to read her mail and carry out some of her household duties without a little help. I had no fear or concern for my well being walking to and from, day or night.   Overtime, the neighborhood changed.  I recall being “fussed at” because I returned home after the street light came on.  I was told of all the horrors of what could have happened because I was alone.  I chose to listen and learn.

Whether you live in a low rent, high rent or no rent community, the days of being unaware of your surroundings are gone.  This is not the time to say, “That would never happen to me.  Things like that doesn’t happen in this community.”  The difference in a wise man and a fool is a wise man listens and learns.  A fool listens and does what he wants to do anyway.  


Take steps to protect yourself and those around you.  These are a few steps to consider.   

  1. Choose your friends carefully
  2. Do not go out alone, especially at night 
  3. Pay attention to your surroundings
  4. Do not allow your cell phone to distract you
  5. Let someone know where you are and who you are with
  6. Keep your eyes on your children, property and possessions
  7. If you choose to own a weapon, make sure you know when and how to use it
  8. Make sure your vehicle and doors are locked
  9. Check on the elderly frequently to ensure no one is taking advantage of them                                  
  10.   If you see something, say something!  

If something or someone looks odd or out of place, it probably is.  Speak Up! You never know whose life you might be saving. Who knows? It may be your own. 

Until next time,  Don’t Be No Fool!

Joyce E.