It has been approximately 4 months since the surgery. And I feel good.  No, I feel better that good.  I feel a peace that all is well.  It is well with my body, mind, and soul.

I must confess. I did experience some of the cycles of grief a couple of times.  But it did not last long.  I quickly went to my mental gratitude list and it shut the negative emotions down. And if the gratitude list did not work, I thought about cancer and how it tried to attack me.  I throw up my hand and say, “Thank You, Lord!”, then I say, “Bye Felecia!”  Lol
Well, what’s next.  Let’s celebrate!   Dealing with this temporary interruption led me to postpone my Annual MOM365 Brunch.  

I am ready now. The new date is October 12th which just so happen to be my birthday.

I am ready to host a Triple Celebration.